Its Black History month, and it’s time to celebrate.  At Nylah, we celebrate black history, culture and excellence, all day every day because BLACK positivity, is the very fabric of our DNA, and we have echoed this through our branding. 2020 has been a difficult year for the global black community, in addition to battling coronavirus, there have been many atrocities have widened the physiological wounds caused by systemic oppression and structural racism.Vicarious trauma is a major crisis for our community, and sadly the term isn’t widely understood.  We would therefore like to encourage our community to priorities your wellbeing and self-care this month. Where possible, take a break, switch off when you need to, and reduce your consumption of social media. Yes, we need to be aware of the challenges that confront our community, Yes we have to be at the forefront of raising awareness and campaigning for change but, we also must take care of our wellbeing.
A key part of self-care is our hair care routine, we are discounting our popular Super Seed botanicals Conditioner,  for the duration of  October. You can purchase our products here; please use BHM for a 30% discount on our Super Botanicals Conditioner.Remember, take care of yourself, priorities your well-being, staff safe, and stay fabulous!In celebration of black history month, Our founder Kameese Davis was invited to participate in the Birmingham Black History Launch, where she shared the journey for our brand so far. You can watch our interview here.
Kam x

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