Short curly afro hair

How To Curl Short Hair and Style Short Afro Hair

Getting defined curls for short 3B - 4C hair types Whether you’re at the beginning of your natural hair journey or you’re a seasoned rocker of the TWA, you can always stand to learn a few pointers.  Protective styling is all well and good…
Defines curls

How to Get Defined Curls That Make Your Curls Pop

Our magical, gravity-defying, kinky, coily hair is extremely versatile.  Have fun with your afro hair this summer and make your curls pop.  Yes, I am talking to you at the back!  You can get defined curls on 4c hair.  This blog delves into…
caring for mixed race hair

Caring for mixed race hair - Hair Care Guide

We at Nylah’s Naturals are all about heritage, hair and science.  Our blogs aim to address common issues and queries about caring for natural black hair.  In this addition we look at caring for those with mixed race hair.  As a parent or…
combat thinning edges

How to Combat Thinning Edges and Grow Back Your Edges Faster

My award-winning hair range, Nylah’s Naturals, was created with my daughter in mind as there was no hair care range that aptly dealt with her eczema prone skin and scalp.  At the time, there was a gap in the market for products well suited…
How to use diffuser on afro hair

How to Use a Diffuser for Curly, Coily and Kinky Hair Types

Is a Diffuser Good for Curly Hair? As seasoned naturalistas we have always been taught that heat is not your best friend.  Whilst this remains true to an extent, hair diffusers can be very beneficial to your hair and the maintenance of your…
Prevent Frizz For Afro Hair Types

Best Way To Prevent Frizz For Afro Hair Types

Controlling The Frizz Don’t you just hate those days when you’re looking and feeling fly, but your hair just won’t co-operate?  Unfortunately, afro and curly textured hair is more susceptible to frizz due to its make-up and texture. …

How I Slayed The Dragon - Kam Owner Of Nylah's Naturals Shares Her Experience

Black Hair Care Brand Owner Kam Talks About Her Experience On Dragons Den Hopefully, by now you would have all seen me on episode 2 of Dragons Den, which aired on 08 April 2021.  If you haven’t seen the episode yet, go check it out on BBC…
Nylah's Naturals Products

The ‘How To’ Guide: How To Use Our Products To Achieve Best Results

The award-winning Nylah range is at your service to address all your afro and curly textured hair care needs.  Need moisture?  We got it!  Need a lil TLC?  We got that too!  Have a read for a step by step guide on how to use our products…
Curly Hair Types

Curly Hair Types: How To Determine Your Curl Type

Knowing your curl type can be a little tricky, especially as several different textures can exist on one head alone.  It is handy to know your curl type nonetheless, as you will be better able to know what type of hair products to use to make…

Give your hair that good good treatment

Natural hair requires that extra bit of good treatment.  Have a good wash day routine, deep condition your hair regularly and use good oils and creams for added moisture.  In this blog, we explore how our Nylahs Naturals products can work…
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