pure distilled water 


Behetrimorium methosulfate 

Made from rapeseed oil it is considered the mildest conditioning ingredient available on the market. Its known for its de-tangling and hair thickening properties. Because this ingredient directly deposits onto the hair shaft to smooth out the cuticles, it's highly regarded For its conditioning abilities. It also helps with the emulsification of oil and water

EWG hazard level = 1

Burdock root

is a  high Mucilage plant. Burdock belongs to a family of thistles. It is rich in essential fatty acids, iron and potassium as well an important amino acid necessary for building the protein found in hair. The root promotes hair growth by improving blood circulation in  the scalp

EWG hazard level = 1

Shea butter

Native to West Africa. Shea Butter is an perfect beauty ingredient which has been used for centuries by women in Africa to nourish and protect their skin. It contains high levels of Oleic Fatty Acids which not only offer exceptional moisturising properties but are also  very nourishing making it a ideal ingredient in our hair care products  EWG hazard level = 1 


Cetearly Alcohol 

When most people hear alcohol they immediately think of a fermented and toxic mixture; this is not the case with Cetearly alcohol. In fact it is quite the opposite Our Cetearyl alcohol is made from plants and acts as a emulsifier is well none for its exceptional ability yo condition the skin and hair 

EWG hazard level = 1 


Cetylpyridinium chloride  

a conditioning compound which has a strong affinity to hair protein and aids aiding comb-ability. In our formulation it also adds gloss and acts as a mild antiseptic killing bacteria and yeast microorganisms  

EWG hazard level = 2 


Citric acid 

A weak organic acid used to adjust and stabilize the pH so that it matches the PH of your own hair, this helps to close the cuticles of your hair, support moisture retention and prevent snagging and breakage  

EWG hazard level = 2 


Cocamide Mipa  

From coconut acids, this ingredient works in a variety of ways including as an emulsifier, a stabilizer (in foams & emulsions), a thickener, and a surfactant.  in our formulation it primary function is as a surfactant  

EWG hazard level = 1 



Derived from natural Glycerin and is a preservative that is used as an alternative to parabens.  

EWG hazard level = 1 



Sometimes called linseeds, are small, brown, tan or golden-colored seeds that are the richest sources of a plant-based omaga 3 fatty 


EWG hazard level =1 



A blend of essential oils, extracts and synthetics added to a product to deliver an aroma. We use a combination of natural essential oils from flowers and herbs, safe ingredients. Our fragrances are free of phthalates and propylene glycol. 



A natural compound found in some essential oils such as citronella, rose and Lemon, It is present in our formulation at very low levels only because we have used essential oils as opposed to synthetic fragrances in our perfume blend .Geraniol s has a high rating on the EWG score 

because it can be an a irritant when exposed to the sun however it is important to note that this ingredient is present in many natural essential oils and only presents a problem when using the undiluted essential oils at high levels. that being said we believe that using natural essential oils is far better than using synthetic fragrance .  

EWG hazard level =7  



A natural compound derived from sugar beets it is an excellent humecent and skin conditioning agent. 

EWG hazard level = 1 



Made from vegetable oil, glycerine is a rich humectants, emollient and lubricant which allows moisturizers to draw and absorb water from the air helping hair to retain moisture. 

EWG hazard level = 1 


Glyceryl caprylate 

Our Glyceryl Caprylate is made from vegetable oil, it performs as a co-emulsifier and conditioner and perservative. 

EWG hazard level = 1


Glycol Stearate

Made from vegetables,  it helps to smooth and soften the skin and condition the hair fibre's .

EWG hazard level = 1 



One of the most renowned herbs used for hair growth. It is rich in vitamin C that boosts collagen (the amino acid chain that gives your hair its strength) production, ensuring healthy hair growth it has also been shown to help with the detangling due to its high Mucilage content 

EWG hazard level 1 



Often called the herb of beauty because of the high levels of Silica which helps strengthen weak, brittle, damaged hair, giving it vitality and shine. Horsetail also has astringent properties which help to tighten skin and reduce pore size. Its also known to promote hair growth and improve the elasticity of both the skin and hair. 

EWG hazard level = 1 


Hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) 

A non-ionic compound which is made from cellulose (i.e wood). its non-ionic so it also aids in wet combing.

EWG hazard level = 1 


Hydrolyzed Pea Protein,  

One of our super ingredients, it is a complete source of Essential amino acids. studies have shown pea protein 

has the most balanced amino acid profile of any vegetable it also reduces the damage caused by free radicals to promote the scalp and follicle health which is essential producing youthful, voluminous hair. it also works to bind to moisture and hydrating hair to, increasing hair plasticity to help prevent breakage. Studies also show that pea protein was able to stimulate follicle stem cells to promote hair growth.

EWG hazard level = 1 


Jojoba seed oil (Simmondsia chinensis) 

one of our super ingredients jojoba seed oil is not unlike the name sgest andoil but it is in fact a liquid wax, who's molecule structure is similar to our own natural sebum. Because of this jojoba oil is not only readily absorbed by the scalp t is also well suited to conditioning and coating the hair shaft. 

EWG hazard level = 1 



A natural compounds found in Essential Oils. Limonene is a scent ingredient naturally occurring in the rind of citrus fruit. Upon storage and exposure to sunlight and air, limonene can act as a skin irritant. has a high rating on the EWG score because it can be an a irritant when exposed to the sun however it is important to note that this ingredient is present in many natural essential oils and only presents a problem when using the undiluted essential oils at high levels. that being said we believe that using natural essential oils is far better than using synthetic fragrance. 

EWG hazard level = 6  


Marshmallow Root  

Marshmallow root is a herb that has low concentrations of ceramide precursors, a natural hydrator and high concentrations of Mucilage. when used in the hair, mucilage provides excellent detangle and conditioner properties. Mucilage also  binds to the proteins adding 

volume to strands. 

EWG hazard level = 1  



One of our super ingredients and  one of the most nutritious herbs which  containing almost all known vitamins and minerals necessary for human health and growth. When used as a rinse the herb has a stimulating effect on the scalp which helps regenerate both hair growth and restore original colour. It also works to relieve dandruff and as a conditioner for the scalp. 

EWG hazard level =1


Oleyl Erucate 

Derived from vegetable oils, Oleyl Erucate is a moisturizing fatty acid ester of Erucic acid and Oleyl alcohol

EWG hazard level = 1 



This is not a naturally derived ingredient but its very safe. It is a cationic ingredient making it an excellent antistatic and conditioning agent which helps ease detangling

EWG hazard level = 3  



A natural herb which helps to increase scalp circulation  this means more oxygen and nutrients will be sent right to your hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth

EWG hazard level = 1 


Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate  

A sulphate free and very mild surfactant that is Made from coconuts. SLML is cleansing agent , and is considered to be one of the safest on the market.  

EWG hazard level = 1 


Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate 

A very mild surfactant made from the fatty acids of coconut oil. It is a mild cleanser that also boosts foam and reduces static 

EWG hazard level = 1 


Sodium Benzoate  

A food grade preservative 

EWG hazard level = 3 



Made from fruits and berries;  sorbital is a humectant. which helps prevents moisture loss by pulling water from the air and hydrating hair 

EWG hazard level = 1 


Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate 

Naturally-Made chelating agent added at very low levels to improves the efficacy of preservatives and antioxidants and play a crucial role in the stability and efficacy of hair and skin care products.

EWG hazard level = 1