Truly a Magic Star: this extra wide tooth comb is perfection in its design and function! It works like a hand to add volume, separate curls and detangle highly textured hair. Hercules Sageman combs are free from seams and burrs to gently glide through the hair without snagging, ripping or splitting strands this comb offers maximum cuticle preservation and helps you to maintain healthy hair and retain length

Made by hand from 100% Vulcanized Natural Hard Rubber

· The teeth are seamless, hand-sewn, hand-cut, and hand-polished!

· Non-porous (will not support the growth of mould or mildew); guaranteeing hygiene 

· Chemical and heat resistant  

· Antistatic (prevents fly-away hair)

· Very smooth and gentle to the hair and scalp due to rounded tips and sides Very good gliding ability when combing 
through the hair

Magic Star Comb

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