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Many of us remember sitting in-between our mother’s legs to get our hair ‘done’, and for most of us with curly hair, the experience was not a pleasant one. I can remember clasping my hands tightly together hoping that the latest de-tangling device would make its way through my tightly coiled forest of curls without taking a piece of my scalp with it. I also remember my strong, beautiful and incredibly thick strands breaking its fair amount of feeble combs which were unable to stand up to the challenge of taming my gorgeous mane.Now 30 years on, and through trial and error I have made combing my Kinks a breeze, No more snapping of coils, no more mid strand splits and more importantly my comb is no longer full of broken hair strands.To follow our method You will need the following essentials ;TimeDetangling sprayMagic star Seamless comb696 Styling combhair bands/ grips


  1.  The first thing, Time. It is the essential step to incredible styling in general. When you set time aside, you will not have to rush through the process, which means you will have less breakage, a better overall experience, and a better outcome.

  2. The best way to detangle hair is whilst hair is wet/damp. It’s best to detangle hair whilst in the shower, using plenty of our super botanicals conditioner to create a good slip. that being said I understand that jumping into the shower is not always feasible. Therefore ensure you have some de-tangling spray to hand. 

  3. Part the hair into four sections and secure with hair clips or tie with hair bands.

  4. Take sections of your hair and spritz. Start finger combing the hair to gently loosen big knots and tangles.

  5. Use an extra wide tooth comb such as our Magic Star Jumbo Rake to comb the section of the hair starting with the ends of your hair and making your way up to the scalp.

  6. After using the extra wide tooth comb, move down to the 696 styling comb. Once the medium or fine tooth comb is able to glide through your hair without much effort you are able to twist and move on to the next section of hair.

These steps might seem lengthy, but Kinky Curly hair is the most fragile type, therefore it needs a sensitive touch in order to flourish. Following these easy steps minimise breakage and help your hair to achieve its optimal length.

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