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At Nylah we are constantly on the hunt for pure and beneficial ingredients to help you naturally indulge and cherish your- beautiful -self, especially during the winter months . A time when your skin needs just a little extra TLC to ward of the ashiness! So if like the rest of us are looking for a powerful natural ingredient that has been scientifically proven to keep your skin and hair healthy happy and vibrant we think we have just the ingredient for you.


A little bit of background

The Crambe Abyssinica is an oil seed plant belonging to the family of Brassicaceae. The plant is native to Africa, well the Ethiopian Highlands to be exact. Hence its very beautiful name (Abyssinia). When matured the plant produces little brown/ yellowy gold seeds of goodness which have a high oil content at 30% wow!!.


The Oil is extracted from the Crambe Abyssinica seeds using a mechanical crushing process which presses the oil out of the seeds. No heat, or nutrient dissolving potions (i.e. solvants) are used during this process and so the rich vitamins remain perfectly in tact. What’s more impressive is (like our other oils ) the rest of the seed is used as organic feed or fertiliser and so the every green cycle of Earth Cherishingness continues


So why should you be using the oil


For your skin

The Oil is easily absorbed into the upper epidermis bringing with it a high percentage of incredibly nourishing Omega 9 fats, and skin conditioning unsaturated C22 fatty acids. The oil not only provides direct micro nourishment to skin cells but also mimics the skin’s natural sebum giving a beautifully soft and healthy natural glow to the skin. As an occlusive, the oil also leaves a smooth silky, texture on the surface of the skin which protects it against dehydration . This makes it an exceptional ingredient for wrinkled, matured or very dry skin types.



For your hair


Not only is the oil renowned for its anti-breaking properties it also significantly improves the hairs manageability . In fact a study carried out of African hair types click here showed that the oil was able to significantly improve dry combing experience, Increase elasticity, protect and strengthen the hair fibres. Being very silky in texture, Crambe oil is an awesome natural alternative to silicon’s as it can give a glossy shine to hair and reduce the friction between the individual strands which prevents tangling.



We are absolutely in love with this oil and we think it will soon be the new trending natural ingredient as Argan oil was in 2012.  

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