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To grease or not to grease?

August 14, 2019







Now that is the question that has divided women with afro hair the world over.  Some hairdressers and experts in the field support the notion that we should not grease our scalps.  That if we properly care for our hair and scalp, using the right products in the right amounts and frequency, then there is no need for extra grease.  Those from this camp would also say that if we suffer from dry scalp conditions, adding grease only masks the problem rather than actually dealing with the issue at hand.


On the flip side, some hairdressers will not let us leave their chairs without greasing our scalps and oiling our hair within an inch of it's lives.  Mothers from London to Lands Ends also advocate the greasing of our precious daughters curly afro and mixed texture hair after washing or styling.  So what actually is the right thing to do?


The importance of unsaturated low weight oils

The next big debate is the difference between moisturising and sealing oils.  Most budding naturalistas will agree that despite it all, we need to help our coils and curls along by using certain oils and creams, but which are the best to use?


Unsaturated oils generally remain liquid at room temperature.  Using an unsaturated, low weight oil on the scalp is ideal so as to not clog up the follicles.  It is also better for absorption and to get to work deep down in the scalp.  Some of the best light weight moisturising oils for afro textured hair are coconut oil (providing that you do not have a sensitivity) , olive oil, hemp oil, crambe seed oil and 

avocado oil.  Sealing oils on the other hand are heavier and do not penetrate the hair shaft.  They merely lay on top of the hair to add shine.  These include, jojoba oil, castor oil and Neem 


Coconut oil is the oil of the moment.  It can be used on the hair, on the skin and also for cooking.  Extra virgin coconut oil is best and it works best when added with water.  Olive oil is also best in its most unprocessed state.  The molecular structure of the oil is again small enough to allow for optimum penetration.  Avocado oil like its other two counterparts, can be used for a range of hair, beauty and health purposes.  It is high in nutrients and is great for hair growth.


Benefits of Nylah's Naturals super seed oil

We are going to blow our own trumpet here a little by talking about our super seed oil.  It really is a great oil for natural hair and has garnered many great reviews by you, our adoring supporters. 




Now don't be alarmed, if you take a glance at the ingredients list, you probably won't be able to pronounce or recognise many of the super additions.  This doesn't mean that they are synthetic, we simply use the scientific names.


Our super seed oil is packed with 11 cold pressed botanical oils to nourish your hair and scalp.  As is the standard with this topic, this oil is light weight enough to revive and be absorbed by the scalp.  It is also however, rich enough to seal in moisture and strengthen the hair fibre.  The amazing citrus aroma will also have you coming back time after time.  Head to our online shop and give it a go, it will not disappoint!



Has this post been helpful?  Please leave a comment or share if so.  Follow the blog page for more informative content and of course, get in touch if you have any queries.


Love from the Nylah family












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