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Black Beauty And Hair Magazine

Nyah has been featured in the UK’s #1 Best Selling Black Hair and Beauty Magazine, and I am elated.During my adolescent years, Black Hair and Beauty Magazine was the first glossy publication that I had encountered. Representation matters and Black hair and beauty magazine represented me perfectly. It was filled to the brim with a vast array of black women and opened early conversations around beauty standards. I soon fell in love with the publication; I would save my allowance so i could regularly purchase the latest edition of this bi-monthly black beauty bible.My love for Black Hair and Beauty Magazine followed me well into my 20s and beyond, providing me with an essential black guide that would  helped me to navigate the ever-changing beauty landscape. To now see Nylahs Naturals featured within the publication as a contributor to the world of Black Beauty and Black business is an incredible achievement and I am so honoured by it.Thank you for the feature @BlackhairMag. You can read the full article  here   

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