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Nourish your hair and scalp, with our super seed lightweight multipurpose hair oil. Our all natural formulation offers a rich blend of 11, Cold-Pressed botanical Oil which are loaded with fatty acids, amino acids, Iron, copper magnesium, proteins, carotene’s and Vitamin A, B, D, E

Nylahs Naturals Customer with Type 2B hair Shows Seed hair Oil


Award Winning Afro Hair Products

Catering for all types of curls, coils and textures our award winning afro hair products have been formulated to be a staple in your curly hair care routine. If you’re looking for black hair care products Nylah’s range is completely natural and cruelty free. We understand that curly textured hair especially afro Caribbean hair has its own, very specific care requirements and all our products have been made with especially selected ingredients based on their ability to protect, repair, strengthen and deeply nourish your hair.

Natural Afro And Curly Hair Products

We aim to provide you with some of the best in afro and curly hair care and if you are unsure where to start with your curl hair routine. Take a look at our shampoo for curly hair and conditioner for curly hair, that will leave your hair moisturised and prevent drying. Our super seed hair oil is blended with all the goodness to promote hair growth for afro and curly hair types. For the ultimate experience in hair care why not try one of our product bundles to help you create the best routine for you.