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World Afro Hair Day

World Afro Hair Day is one of the most important days in the natural hair community, celebrating all hair types and empowering black women to go out into the world and be unapologetically beautiful. If you want to join in on the celebration this year, keep on reading our tips on celebrating World Afro Hair Day with Nylah’s Naturals products and enjoying your hair without sacrificing style or performance.

The History Behind World Afro Day 

World Afro Day is celebrated yearly on the 15th of September. It aims to maintain a positive identity among people of the black and mixed-race community. All focus is centred on the afro, a hairstyle that has become a ubiquitous symbol of racial identity and has, indeed, been part of black culture for centuries. 

World Afro Day was founded to combat the discrimination faced by people who wish to wear their hair in its natural afros. The day also instils a sense of pride in people about their hair and removes any shame that may come with tightly coiled and kinky hair. Founder of World Afro Day, Michelle De Leon, was outraged when the state of Alabama in the United States passed a law enabling companies to refuse jobs to people with dreadlocks. On September 15th 2016, the law was passed and, a year later on the same date, De Leon's hard work saw the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights endorse the first ever World Afro Day.

Afro Hair Growth Tips 


The following are four easy tips to help you attain your hair growth goals:


  • 1. Make Sure Your Ends Are In Good Condition

    Make sure your ends are in good condition

    Split ends cannot be repaired, so cutting them off is the best option. Left unchecked, split ends can make their way up the hair strand and do more damage. This will harm length retention. If your hair is severely damaged by split ends, you should consider cutting them off. When you do this you will start to see healthier hair growth because your hair is not breaking anymore.



  • 2. Create A Routine

    Create a routine

    With anything, consistency breeds results. Creating a hair routine can help you achieve your goals. The best hair routine contains healthy hair practices designed to minimise breakage. Breakage occurs due to dry hair and frequent manipulation. Washing and conditioning your hair regularly (every 7-10 days), maximising moisture, and limiting hair manipulation will help you preserve length. If you are struggling with hair loss or want to grow your hair we strongly recommend our Flourish Hair Bolster Serum and the Maximum Moisture Hair Spray, which delivers hydration in the cortex of the hair and helps the hair have more pliability. The science behind this product is that it takes the water from your surroundings and keeps the hair hydrated, as it keeps pulling water in. 


  • 3. Healthy Eating

    If you do not have a healthy diet, your hair will still be dry and brittle even after following the previous three steps. Nutrients in your diet are essential to your hair, as deficiency or over-consumption of certain nutrients can result in hair loss. For example, hair loss can be caused by an iron deficiency or a Vitamin A overconsumption. The best foods for hair growth are those containing a portion of protein (such as fish, chicken, or lean meat) as well as complex carbohydrates (such as whole wheat toast, skin-on potatoes, oats, barley, brown rice, or pasta).


    Hair Growth In Summer Months

    As it turns out, the summer season has a good effect on your hair growth because of the longer periods of sunlight and higher temperatures. The warmer weather increases the flow of nutrients required to build keratin in your hair. You will also see an increase in the production of this protein, which is necessary for hair growth. Because of the exposure to vitamin D, your hair grows faster in the summer than in winter. 

    Hair Growth In Winter Months

    In summer, we tend to leave our heads uncovered more than in winter, which creates less friction and breakage. When we bundle up to stay warm in cold weather, we often add hats, scarves, and hoods, which makes sense since we lose a lot of heat through our heads. Due to the cold temperature, these coverings cause more friction on the hair than we will typically find in the summertime, increasing hair loss. 

    • A tip to boost your hair growth in the winter, especially for ethnic people, is to take Vitamin D supplements.
    • Choose easy and anti-breakage hairstyles
    • Use hair products that boost hair growth and protect your hair - for example, shampoos and conditioners, hair masks and oils.
    • Massaging your hair also helps stimulate hair growth and promotes better circulation In the winter months. Taking the time to look after your hair will help and give it the attention and love that it needs to help the process of hair growth and protect your hair from breakage.

    What Products Should I Use For My Natural Hair


    Nylah’s Super Seed Hair Oil 

    Super seed hair oil by Nylah’s Naturals is designed to strengthen and promote hair growth for African and curly hair. A lightweight formula, this oil strengthens the hair fibre and helps restore and restore dry and damaged hair. It also revitalises the scalp, delivering a rich supply of nutrients that promote healthy hair growth. Take a look at our video below:



    Nylah’s Flourish Hair Bolster Serum 

    Are you struggling with hair growth? Or experiencing hair loss? If so, we got you! Nylah’s Naturals has a hair bolster serum that promotes rapid hair growth and intense scalp nourishment, offering a natural alternative for those who suffer from hair loss or hair thinning. Made with only the finest ingredients, this serum is non-greasy and leaves your scalp feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

    Flourish Hair Bolster Serum is created using both nature and science to target the issue of thinning hair and a growing hairline. These active botanicals enhance natural hair growth and halt excessive hair loss by including essential actives and all-natural ingredients that scientifically support healthy hair growth. If you need any further assistance please contact us.


    Why We Celebrate Afro Hair Day


    It's an event that celebrates African American culture

     This day is a chance to learn and appreciate afro hair and culture, which are important symbols of culture and lifestyle.


    It aims to end discrimination

     Hairstyles, including dreadlocks, afros, braids, and weaves, should be seen and accepted as healthy choices and as cultural expression, so World Afro Day celebrates a range of hairstyles.


    A chance to provide a good example

     We can take advantage of this opportunity to encourage young people to love themselves and their natural hair by using this day as an opportunity to share how much they love themselves and their heritage.



    World Afro Day FAQ

     Why Is World Afro Day Important?

     Throughout the world, World Afro Day (WAD) promotes education and appreciation for afro hair. It is a global day of change, education, and celebration of Afro hair, culture, and identity.


    Who Established World Afro Day?

     Michelle De Leon is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of World Afro Day.


    What Type Of Hair Is Afro Hair?

    Afro hair is of type 4 (coily) and naturally tends to be very dry and wiry in texture. The hair may be soft and fine or coarse and strong. Strands of hair form tight, small coils right at the roots and can shrink over time.


    What Are The Most Common Reasons For Afro Hair Breakage?

    Despite being described as coarse and tough, natural afro hair is extremely fragile, so mistreating it can lead to serious damage. Several factors contribute to the breakage of curls, including heat damage, chemical damage, and a lack of moisture, which reduces the strength of the curls.

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