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Suits my frizzy caucasion hair

Love this conditioner. I have fine caucasian hair - but lots of it and it's wavy and goes frizzy every wash. I've tried every smoothing conditioner/shampoo/leave in conditioner out there - both high street and top end. I've even tried co-wash products, but I didn't like how there was no lather and my hair didn't feel clean. Oil & silicones just make my hair look greasy. This shampoo and conditioner system gently washes and it lathers, beautifully, leaving my hair and scalp feeling clean. The conditioner leaves my hair soft and supple and with hardly any frizz so I can style it straight or wavy or just leave it to dry into natural waves. Definitely the best system I've tried. Only complaint is that my last order took ages to arrive - but only because of high demand, so I'm hoping there won't be a problem next time.

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