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About Us

Voted Best Afro Hair Care

Nylah’s Naturals started as an expression of love for my daughter and soon transpired into the expression of love and adoration I have for textured hair. Here at Nylah’s naturals, our goal is simple: to provide solution-focused hair care that helps elevate some of the most common textured hair care concerns, including dryness, breakage, excess shedding,hair loss, stunted hair growth, dandruff and sensitive scalp, offering multipurpose products that give the maximum benefits. When kameese, our founder, started the business, she wanted to create a healthy and effective hair care solution for her daughter’s textured hair, delivered through a platform that celebrated her daughter’s holistic beauty.

kameese wanted to provide healthy,, high-performance products that would bridge the gap in the market between good science beauty and homemade natural hair care; i.e. something gentle enough for her daughter’s sensitive skin and effective enough to deliver outstanding results. We emphasize evidence-based efficacy, and Therefore we have sourced the finest actives, clinically proven to strengthen hair, increase hair hydration, soothe the scalp, reduce dandruff and combat various forms of alopecia and hair loss. Kam has worked closely with experienced partners, including research and cosmetic scientist and trichologist. This has resulted in us being voted best afro hair care by women’s health magazines 2021 and winning several other prestigious industry awards. Are you considering trying Nylah’s Natural? why not sign up for our newsletter for exclusive offers and discounts