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Based on what you are looking for in your hair products and the problems you want to address, we have created the perfect bundles for your afro and black hair routine. Whether you are concerned about hair breakage, dry hair, frizzy curls or damaged hair select, from our range of pre-selected bundles to suit your needs.

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Moisture Retention Leave In Conditioner
Moisture Retention Leave In Conditioner

Managing textured hair and maintaining optimum moisture levels is easier with Nylah's Moisture Retention Leave-in Conditioner! This nourishing leave-in cream helps keep hydration locked into the cortex of the hair shaft to help reduce frizz, detangle hair, and define curls.  

Regular price £16.00

Super Seed Hair Oil

Nylah SUPER SEED HAIR OIL Natural ingredients and ancient therapies work together in Nylah's Super Seed Hair Oil, to promote healthy hair growth. This product is effective for nourishing the scalp and regrowing hair in a natural manner. The combination...

Regular price £16.50

Flourish Hair Restorative Serum

Boost the moisture of your hair with Nylah's Naturals Flourish Hair Bolster Serum. It's formulated with natural products that will highlight the natural kinks and curls of black hair, which is prone to damage. Scientific research has proven that the...

Regular price £15.00