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7 Reasons Why Nylah Is Leading Brand! | Nylah's Natural

1.   Our products contain completely plant-based pure and safe ingredients.Did you know that the Silent Spring Institute recently listed that products marked towards black women contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, phthalates and nonylphenols?  Here at Nylah, 97% of our ingredients come from natural resources, so that we know we are providing only the very best for your hair and your body. We are proud to say that each of our products is assessed and rated by the environmental working group as being low hazard.2.  Nylah is a multi-award-winning brand!In less than 12 months of trading, we are super happy to announce that we have been nominated for a whopping 4, and won 3, prestigious awards:

  • Curly Treats Fest – best new hair brand
  • Pure Beauty – best new product global ethnic beauty (finalist)
  • Hair Care Revolution – rising star award
  • The Precious Lifestyle Awards – happy hair care brand

These awards celebrate the best in the industry and we are honoured to be mentioned amongst some of the most established haircare brands.3. Our products are pH balanced.Maintaining the correct pH value of the hair and scalp is essential for the overall health of hair. Haircare products with a pH above 5.5 can lead to cuticle damage and fibre breakage due to increased friction between fibres, whereas a pH below 3.5 can cause your hair to dry out. Even the pH of water can cause swelling of the hair shaft and expansion of the cuticles!Our products are carefully formulated to a pH 4.5 to help re-balance your hairs cuticles and lock in moisture.4.  We use cold pressed raw ingredients.Here at Nylah, we what you to experience the full nutritional benefits of our products and  aim to make our products the best they can possibly be, which is why we use cold pressed oils rather than refined oils.Cold pressed oils are better because they retain more of the “goodness” of the oil, such as healthy fatty acids, nutrients, vitamin A, B, C and E, and minerals. Also, cold pressed oils do not contain harmful solvent residues unlike refined oils. Instead they possess high quantities of natural antioxidants that are beneficial to us.5. Nylah is suitable for the entire family!The founder of Nylah designed the products to be suitable for her then 1-year-old daughter after struggling to find a product that met the needs of her 4c hair and eczema-prone skin. For this reason, we specifically chose to exclude the following irritants from our products:

  • Sulfates – this ingredient strips the hair (and skin) of its natural oils and contributes to rashes and blemishes.
  • Preservatives – these can cause allergic reactions in people and are more likely to irritate those who already have skin issues like eczema.
  • Fragrance – an artificial fragrance could contain over 200 different chemical or botanical components, and your skin could react to any one of them.

6.  Our products are formulated by trichologists and cosmetic scientists.For those who don’t know, trichologists are specialists in the science of structure, function and diseases of the human hair and scalp. Cosmetic scientists are responsible for improving products through testing the product and analysing its effects. This ensures that our products are the best quality they can possibly be!We spent several years researching, creating and carefully refining our formulations, combining scientific expertise of our cosmetic scientist and trichologist with the plant based knowledge of our aroma theopist to ensure that our products are” pure, safe and highly beneficial. Each of our ingredients has been carefully selected for their ability to protect, moisturise soften and repair afro hair.7. Made with love.Kameese, the founder of Nylah, wanted her daughter to have a product and a resource that would help her to understand, cherish and celebrate her unique and inherent beauty in a society which promotes a standard of beauty other than our own. She wanted her daughter to know, from her earliest memory, that she, with her lovely brown skin, soft kinky hair and pronounced  African features, was also, the very definition of beautiful. So she founded a healthy  natural hair care brand and named after her daughter Nylah; and so every product made is in celebration of the love she has for her daughter and her desire to make sure she has the right products and resources to care for her beautiful hair.

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