Sensitive Scalp

The scalp skin has a unique function compared to other body skin, and its health significantly impacts hair health. Dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis can result from factors such as excess scalp oil, fungal growth, hormonal changes, or sensitivity to specific hair products. Therefore, choosing products to help care for the scalp is important. The below products are great for helping to care for the scalp.

  • Strength and shine shampoo 

    Strength and Shine Shampoo Cream, is pH balanced to harmonize the scalp's environment, and combatting the common causes of dandruff.

  • Maximum 

    Our Maximum Moisture hair spray is brillant for the hair and the scalphelps hydrate the hair and the scalp one spray to the scalp dddelivers norishing ingeidiants

  • Flourish hair serum 

    Our scalp serum not only promotes hair growth but also absorbs quickly without residue, soothing irritation, and reducing flakiness.