Frizz Hair

Frizz in Afro hair may result from factors like, insufficient moisture, varying hair porosity, and friction, leading to cuticle disruption and a non-uniform appearance. The following products help to smooth the cuticle and promote hair clumping

  • Moisture retention leave In Conditioner

    Our Rich Moisture Retention Leave-In Cream not only deeply hydrates but also supports natural hair clumping, effectively reducing frizz and promoting a defined, cohesive look for your locks.

  • Super seed hair oil

    Our Super Seed Oil works wonders by sealing in moisture and promoting hair clumping, giving your locks the support they need for a beautifully defined and hydrated appearance.

  • Max Moisture hair spray

    The water content in our Maximum Moisture Spray enhances hair moisture, allowing the bonds within the hair cortex to relax and reform, resulting in improved formation and overall hair health.