Dry Hair

Dry hair, thirsty hair is hair that is dehydrated from deep within the cortex see graph below. When hair is dehydrated, it is brittle, rigid and difficult to manage. It snape, has split ends and looks dull and lackluster. The below products work fantastically on dehydrated hair to supercharge water content levels within the hair strands

  • Moisture retention Cream

    Our oil-in-water formulation facilitates deep penetration of hydration into the hair strands, ensuring hair is flexible, has good elasticity and is resistant to breackage
    Maximum Moisture hair spray

  • Max Moisture Hair Spray

    Max Moisture Hair Spray, a water-based marvel enriched with hydrophilic (meaning water-loving) ingredients. Experience the ultimate hydration that deeply nourishes your hair strands, enticing you to indulge in the luxurious care your locks deserve.

  • Super botanicals Conditioner

    our conditioner is designed to fortify hair and enhance moisture levels by repairing the outermost layer of your hair