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Protein Treatment For Afro Hair

That protein tip

As a seasoned naturalista, you probably already do the regular shampooing, timely deep conditioning and occasional protective styling.  Did you know though, that your hair also needs routine protein treatments?  You might be asking yourself why?  Read on sis.

Afro hair naturally has a protein structure, hence its thickness and coils, but environmental stressors, chemical treatments and heat damage can deplete this structure.  Adding a protein treatment to 4c natural hair can not only promote hair growth and strength, but it creates a protective barrier for your hair, helping it to fight further damage.

So, how does a protein treatment work?  They do wonders at clearing the scalp as well as filling in any gaps within the cuticle.  Do you suffer from dry hair, brittle strands or split ends?  Then a protein treatment might be your new best friend.

Do note however, that too much protein is not good for your hair.  It can weigh down your coils and cause more damage than good.  If in doubt, visit a good hair salon who will be able to assess the care that your curls need.  As such, we recommend applying a protein treatment once a month.

There are many a few protein treatments on the market for natural hair.  You may prefer to do it yourself though, and an old but good recipe for a homemade protein treatment is to mix eggs, mayonnaise and coconut oil to make an elixir for your locks.  Thank me later.

Has this post helped you?  Have you learned something new today?  Please leave a comment or get in touch or even share this post with a friend.  We are all about hair, heritage and science at Nylah and we love sharing content on how to make the most of your curls.  Please tune in to the next blog, but until then, stay safe, stay beautiful.

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