Black History Month 2022 - NYLAHS NATURALS

Black History Month 2022

This October, Nylah's Naturals is celebrating black history month by encouraging awareness of the importance of making healthy choices. Many products in stores today contain dangerous ingredients that can negatively impact our health. For example, curly hair can be subjected to breakage and dryness because it is not treated with appropriate products for its texture. That’s where we come in. Shop our range to find out more about our hair products for naturally textured hair that will leave you feeling your best all year long.

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The History Behind Black History Month

In 1926, Harvard-educated historian Carter G. Woodson, founded Black History Month which has now evolved into a one-month event in observance of African-Americans in the United States. 

It is important to engage with history as a society because it helps provide a clearer understanding of what's going on in the present day. 

Black History Month provides the opportunity for an understanding of the black experience, which does not ignore or exaggerate racism or slavery but takes note of black achievements. 


Black Hair And Cultural Identity

The phrase “black is beautiful” is referenced as an acceptance of black culture and identity, such as African accomplishments in science, technology, politics, education, art, music, and dance, among others. It prompted a greater appreciation of the past, more common acceptance in mainstream society, and more pride in the current-day contributions of African heritage.

Many women from the African community use their hairstyles as a personal expression of themselves and their history, from afros to hair wraps to braids. This in turn represents the way Black culture has grown over time. Nylah’s naturals help people embrace their natural afro beauty and textured hair which also corresponds with being proud of their identity. 


Educational And Informative - Our Untangled Hair Event On The 29th Of October

The popular and educational 'untangled' event is returning once again to Nylah's Naturals on October 29th. We are here to share its mission to highlight the importance of healthy hair and provide black people with natural hair care options during Black History Month. 

This event is to educate foster parents and childcare workers on the skin and hair textures of black and mixed-race children, with an emphasis on educating parents of African hair. They will learn how to celebrate and promote the positive racial and cultural identity of black and mixed children in their care. 

Foster caregivers are able to provide children with a positive identity and understanding of differences. This event helps foster parents develop skills and tools that they can pass on to their children and become an advocate for themselves and others. It will allow you to discuss with us any questions you may have and advice regarding your hair needs, so get ready! 



The Importance Of Maintaining Good Hair Care Practices

It is estimated that women use 12 personal or beauty care products each day, containing an astonishing 168 different chemicals. Aside from this, did you know that the human skin absorbs up to 60% of the chemicals in products that it comes into contact with? That’s why Nylah’s Naturals ingredients have natural properties that aid in hair revitalisation and hair growth

Curly, textured and afro hair are styles that are unique to many but can be challenging to maintain. To keep your hair looking healthy, you should find products that work for your hair type. This may involve using a conditioner or moisturiser on curly hair at least once per week to avoid dryness and breakage. Nylah’s naturals have a wide range of products to help hydrate kinky, coiled, textured hair. 

Our duo shampoo and conditioner wash set helps moisture and replenish hair. The shampoo provides powerful moisture-binding properties for deeper hydration and also includes anti-ageing properties to promote scalp and follicle health. The conditioner has key amino acids that have been proven to help stimulate hair growth. To optimise the health of your hair, use a wide-tooth comb for detangling wet curls before washing them with shampoo and conditioner. Opt for low-manipulation styles such as braids, twists, coils and Bantu knots. You should also cleanse your scalp by massaging it daily with our super seed hair oil and our hydrating moisture spray once every other day. Contact us for advice on what we can do for your hair type and any other queries you may have.


Some Dangerous Ingredients To Avoid In Hair Products

✖  Sulphates
✖  Mineral Oil
✖  Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) / Sodium Laureth sulphate (SLES)
✖  Phthalates
✖ Synthetic colours
✖  Formaldehyde
✖ Propylene glycol
✖ Coal Tar
✖ Silicone



The Importance Of Looking After Your Hair and Skin

It is important to care for our hair and skin because they are a huge part of our self-esteem, confidence, and health. Our Nylah's Naturals products are safe products that help you care for your hair, skin, and general well-being. Black history month reminds readers about the importance of looking after themselves, and their hair and taking pride in their black identity. So let us take this month to celebrate black beauty with our products that promote health and longevity.


Black History Month FAQ

Why Is Black History Month Celebrated?

Black history month is celebrated to remember, appreciate, and educate ourselves on the many contributions that Africans have made throughout our nation’s history. It also provides an opportunity for people from other cultures to learn about black culture and experiences.

During this time, we are encouraged to honour notable achievements made by Africans in a variety of fields such as education, music, art, science, politics, sports and film.

How Can Our Products Help Your Hair?

Nylah's Naturals is a natural hair care line that caters to black women looking for a healthy alternative to mainstream brands. In a world where it is difficult to find quality hair care products that are free from harmful ingredients, we strive to provide our customers with healthy options for their hair. We have found that many individuals struggle with dryness, breakage, and dandruff. Our products contain natural ingredients to deeply moisturise, strengthen and rejuvenate your hair. To learn more about which product would best suit your hair type please contact us!

How Often Should Afro Hair Be Washed? 

​​Afro hair should be washed every 7 - 10 days, or every 4 - 5 days if you have an active lifestyle.

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