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How To Determine Your Curl Type

Knowing your curl type can be a little tricky, especially as several different textures can exist on one head alone. It is handy to know your curl type nonetheless, as you will be better able to know what type of hair products to use to make your hair pop. Your curl type is determined by the shape of the follicle that grows out from your scalp, and your pattern is best determined when your hair is wet. We further explore curly hair types below.

Different Types of Curls

There are 3 main hair types when it comes to curly hair which is further broken down into another 3 categories.

1. Type 2 curly hair types are wavy and are most common in Caucasians.

2. Type 3 curly hair types are curly and are most common in those of mixed heritage.

3. Type 4 curly hair types are described as coily or kinky and are more common in those from Afro-Caribbean backgrounds. It is worth bearing in mind though that the different curl types can cross boundaries, for example, type 4 hair types can be found in persons from the Oceania or Asia.

Breaking down curl types further

The 3 curly hair types are further broken down into A-C categories. Type As have a wider pattern size, type Bs have a medium pattern size and type Cs have the smallest pattern size of the 3. Type 3 hair types are susceptible to frizz and can benefit from using curl cream and co-washes. Type 4 hair types are naturally very dry and prone to shrinkage and can benefit from leave in moisturisers and sealant oils. Always staying true to our tagline of heritage, hair and science, we like to explore the different topics and complexities of afro hair. If you have any queries or comments on this blog post, please do leave a comment below or feel free to send us a message.
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