Black Pound Day

Hey guys, I wanted to inform you that I have been featured in the mirror today talking about the unique challenges that black entrepreneurs face when seeking investment.
Please see the link  to the article here  I want to talk about Black Pound Day; please see a link to my video here.So, on the 27th June, the Black Pound Day initiative will launch, which is fantastic, and all of us need to be collectively supporting black-owned enterprise on this day. I know I will be doing so as there are a couple of things that I have my eyes on.It’s important to talk about the power of the collective black spend, as many of us are unaware of our spending potential. For example, here in the UK alone, the black community contributes a  massive £300bn back into the Uk economy. For too long we have been investing our money with businesses that do not respect us or invest back into our communities, we need to take control of that and Black Pound Day Presents an opportunity for us to do so. That said, black pound day needs to be more than a day; it needs to be a lifestyle.Now, of course, I would like you to spend with me, but collectively that is not what’s important. What is important is that you are researching the brands, researching the founders and ensuring that they are investing back into the community.If we are to achieve economic participation, we must make buying black a habit, one that stretches well beyond hashtags and trends.In light of Black Pound Day, I am happy to inform you that our conditioner will be back in stock in a couple of weeks, In anticipation of this, we will be taking preorders, which will be available from the 27th June. We will also be offering amazing discounts on the day to thank you for your patients and your ongoing support.With that, I would l like to say stay strong, keep smiling (even though it’s hard at the moment). We are a team, and we’ve got this, we have come far, but we still got a long way to go, the only way we will get there if we have each other back, and we do it together!Much LoveKam x
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