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Sl-eigh That Look: Party Hairstyle Ideas for Women With Afro Hairgui

It’s going to be a Christmas with a difference for all of us this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated restrictions.  We all may be slightly down in the dumps as a result, but this does not mean that we still cannot slay our looks at home and look every bit the queens that we are.  

I have scoured the pages of a few of our favourite UK black bloggers and found a few natural hair style suggestions to give you some inspiration.

1. Cute Afro Puff Look

@curltureuk brings the heat with this uber cute afro puff look.  Part your hair into 2 parts and loosely canerow your hair at the front of both sides of your hair.  Next, gather your hair into 2 bunches and let your afro puffs come to life.  If you do not have the length to achieve such a big puff, then feel free to add extensions to liven up the style.

2. Festive Twist Outs

@chumasoko does not fail to disappoint with this cool twist out.  Undo your braids and gently tease out to add volume.  Get your favourite headband or a nice piece of cloth and place it at the front of your hair.  Voila!  This hair style looks good whether you either have the length or even if you are rocking a teenie weenie afro

3. The Afro High Bun/Puff

On the @zambiannaturals page run by @chumasoko, we find another gem.  To achieve this neat high afro puff, add a touch of gel to your edges and the back of your hair.  Gather your hair up and secure with a hair band.

4. Simple Side Sweep

@missybeelondon gives us this simple but chic hair style suggestion.  On wash day or after a twist out, gather a portion of the front of your hair and clip it to the side.  Effortless style!

5. Stylish Up-do

@naturallyhayleyxo is giving us vibes with this look.  It will work better with those of us with longer lengths, but it can also be achieved by adding some natural looking extensions.  Part the hair into 2 and gather the front part up into a hair band.  Add the gathered hair into the second ponytail and let your kinks and curls loose.

From my house to yours, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Get dolled up this Christmas no matter what and slay your natural hair looks.  We hope that this post has provided a bit of inspiration to you. 

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