The Ultimate Guide To Afro Hair Care For Children

The Ultimate Guide To Afro Hair Care For Children

As a parent, there are a million and one things to do, this includes finding a hair care routine that works for your little ones! We have created our easy afro hair guide for children so you can understand the basics and create a hair care routine that works for your kids.

No matter your child’s hair type, we have cut all of the advice out there down to the essentials, so you can keep these tips handy for the next wash day! Whether you are stressed out by when to cleanse, how to moisturise, or what products to use for sensitive scalps, look no further than our ultimate guide for afro hair care. 

Finding What Works 

Like any routine, finding what works best is the key to making it stick. With children’s hair, sometimes it’s about fitting in time in our busy schedules to have a proper wash day, or it’s trial and error with which day of the week is the right fit. No matter what schedule you choose, staying consistent will reap the best results for your child’s hair.  

Wash Day Tips 

The best hair care routines start with a great wash day. To ensure healthy hair growth, cleansing is essential, as the pores that new hairs grow through can become blocked when not consistently washed. This can lead to stunted growth, discomfort and even ingrown hairs on the scalp. 

Whilst cleansing is important, overwashing is dangerous to afro hair. Washing too much leads to dryness, which can result in dandruff and in the worst cases, infection. Ideally, washing should take place every 7-10 days.

Start by using a gentle, natural shampoo and lather it into your little one’s hair. Focusing on the scalp, massage the product throughout the hair, taking your time to avoid damage. After rinsing, follow up with a conditioner. We recommend incorporating a deep condition on every other wash. Run the conditioner through the hair and detangle it gently with your fingers. Once the product has been thoroughly distributed throughout the hair, rinse and wrap with a microfibre towel to dry

Moisture Is Key 

As with all afro hair, hydration and moisture are key. The single most important aspect of caring for your child’s hair is ensuring that it is hydrated, as dryness is the main culprit of breakage in curly and coily hair. Luckily, this is easily avoided with a proper hair care routine. 

Whether it’s hair oil, a leave-in conditioner or a moisture spray, moisturising should not stop at conditioner. Once your child’s hair is dry following your cleansing routine, incorporate hydrating products. Moisture sprays lock in moisture for all-day hydration, Hair oil is a great way to seal hydration into the scalp 

and  preventing frizz and a leave-in cream strengthens the hair and defines curls. Used separately or all together, conditioning products are a must-have.

Caring For Children’s Afro Hair With Nylah’s Naturals

Children’s hair care is a part of our story at Nylah’s Naturals. Our founder, Kam Davis, created our natural products out of a need to find hair care that would work for her daughter’s afro hair and sensitive skin. Shop our full range of vegan-friendly, cruelty-free hair products on our website today! 

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