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How To Curl Short Hair And Style Short Afro Hair

Getting defined curls for short 3B – 4C hair types

Whether you’re at the beginning of your natural hair journey or you’re a seasoned rocker of the TWA, you can always stand to learn a few pointers. Protective styling is all well and good and is even recommended at times, but we at Nylah are strong advocates of wearing your hair in its natural state. Your afro hair, no matter the length, is your given crown and should be embraced as such. Ever wondered how to create a curly afro with short hair? Read on my friend.

Step by step guide on how to make short hair curly naturally

Washing and preparing your hair

It’s normally always best to start a new style with freshly washed and conditioned hair, but this hairdo can also be created in between washes. Start by parting your hair in 2 sections. Proceed to then part your mane into rows, taking a row at a time. Saturate your hair with your favourite curling cream and use a wide tooth comb to detangle. Now is the time to flat twist your hair and repeat these steps all over. You should roughly have around 6 – 7 twists at the front of your hair and around 8 twists completed at the back. Now the magic begins. This method is best done at night before bed, as it is recommended to allow your coily hair to set overnight. Of course, we suggest that you sleep with a satin bonnet.

Coiling hair overnight

Now, nobody said that natural hairstyles are quick and easy, they are a labour of love. Give yourself enough time the next morning to create your twist out. Unravel the hair and you should have a nice kinky, curly fro. Use your hands to manipulate your curls, being careful not to disturb the curl pattern too much, and if you need more volume, tease the roots with an afro pik. You should be happy with the results, but you can even go one step further to lay your edges with a good edge control gel or add an Alice band or headband for definition.

Prolonging and maintaining your curls

You can even stretch your twist out for a few days by following these next few steps. At night before bed, without using a comb or brush, part your hair into small sections and tie with a hairband in order to create mini afro puffs. Again, sleep with your satin bonnet. When you get yourself ready the next day, undo the hair bands and use your hands to set your afro. Apply a moisturiser if needed. The curls may not be as defined as day 1, but you should still have a nice coily result. And there you have it, just when you thought it wasn’t possible on your short 4c hair! We hope that you have found this post useful. Do you have any suggestions for future blogs, or simply want to make a comment? Please leave a note in the comment box below or shoot us an email. We are always happy to hear from you. Thanks for reading this far beautiful!
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