What Is Co Wash

Co-washing is the act of washing your hair only using conditioner. It became popular because many shampoos are formulated to include harsh sulfates and detergents which are stipping to the hair and have a very drying effect as they have no replenishing qualities. 

By reducing the frequency of using shampoo and choosing to use conditioner instead,  you can replenish the hair moisture levels. However, it's important to note that conditioners have not been designed to clear away debris and dead skin which attaches to the surface of the scalp. Therefore a co wash should not replace your cleanser and you should be cleansing the hair at least every ten - to fourteen days with a moisturising shampoo.

How Do You Co Wash?

  1. Start with damp/wet hair, then apply the conditioner to your hair, this helps to distribute the product evenly throughout your hair.
  2. Separate your hair into four sections.
  3. Working in one section run your hands from root to tip with our Super botanicals conditioner.
  4. With your fingertips, massage and cleanse your scalp gently to help dislodge debris from the scalp and stimulate blood flow through the scalp.
  5. Detangle hair with a seamless wide-tooth comb and twist.
  6. Move on to the next section of hair and repeat the same process.
  7. Once you have completed each section, rinse your hair thoroughly.

How Often Should You Use Co Wash?

You can co wash your hair up to twice a week, using a co wash more frequently may result in product build-up as a co wash is not designed to cleanse thoroughly,  it is designed to help replenish moisture levels in the hair. 

Benefits Of Co Washing

  1. Benefits of Co-washing Natural Hair

  2. Helps with Moisture Retention

  3. Prevents Dry, Frizzy Hair 

  4. Reduces Hair Breakage/Shedding

  5. Eases the detangling process 

Co Wash Mistakes To Avoid

Whilst co-washing is designed to help replenish hair between shampoos, improper methods can damage the hair. When co-washing it’s important to avoid the following mistakes 

  • Using the wrong  conditioner
  • Conditioners that contain silicones of mineral oils actually adhere to and coat the hair shaft.  This can cause build up and cause drying of the hair with long term use. 

  • Not rinsing the co-wash out completely, 
  • Ensure that all conditioner is thoroughly rinsed from the hair before styling. 

  • Removing shampoos completely from your hair care routine
  • the point of a co-wash is to take harmful shampoos out of your hair-care routine, you should still use a sulphate free shampoo every fourteen days to remove buildup from the hair and scalp. 

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