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5 Easy Summer Hairstyles For Afro Hair

We are gradually easing out of lockdown and also entering into the spring/summer months. As we shed our layers to welcome the sunnier climes, we also have to think about switching up our hair dos to suit the climate. Many of us naturals feel more comfortable to ditch the protective styling and don our natural kinks and curls in the hotter months. This blog aims to provide a little inspiration for summer styles for afro hair.

1. Afro Puff Meets Kew Gardens

This first hairstyle is uber cute. Think afro puff meets Kew Gardens. It is the perfect go-to hairstyle for a summer picnic or garden party. Part your hair into two to create flamboyant afro puffs. The next step is to go to your garden (if you are fortunate enough to have a flower garden) or local florist to choose flowers of your liking. Add a few flowers to your hair and voila, the perfect summer style is formed. To prevent your puffs from drying out in the sun, we would recommend that you use the Nylah moisture retention leave in cream during styling. Thank us later.

2. Thick Cornrow Braids

This next hairdo is another cutie. It doesn’t compromise on style yet is still practical for the summer months as it keeps your hair out of the way. Part your hair backwards in 6 sections and provide cornrows. Not that good at braiding? Ask a family member or stylist to help you out, this style should not cost the earth. We recommend using the Nylah super seed hair oil on your scalp for this style in order to prevent dryness.

3. The all Over Cornrow Braids

Now I know we mentioned letting go of the protective styling for the summer, but you have to admit that braids are easy for the vacations and staycations. You can tie them back to be out of the way or let them loose. Either way, braids are the go-to hairstyle for little fuss when getting ready in the mornings or going out in the evenings. Before and after braiding, we recommend that you thoroughly cleanse your hair and scalp using the Nylah shampoo and conditioner range. This award-winning duo will give your hair back the moisture and softness that it craves.

4. Accessorising Your Curls with a Head Wrap

Now we absolutely love this suggestion. It’s easy, carefree and on trend. Simply gather your hair up and tie a head wrap of your choice around your edges and nape of the neck. Not quite got the length? No problem! Simply add a few clip ins before you gather your hair up in order to give a fuller look or just go with the TWA. We again recommend using a leave in cream or hair oil such as that in the Nylah range to prevent your hair from getting dry and frizzy in the sun. In the evening detangle your hair also and style your hair into big braids or plaits for bed.

5. The Traditional Bantu Knots

This last style is another firm favourite. Gotta love the traditional bantu knots! Our hair shows our heritage and this hairstyle pays tribute to this. Part your hair neatly into 8 sections. Use some gel and tie the hair with a band. Braid your hair and then gather it around into knots. Secure with another hairband or elastic band. Not only is this style super chic, it will keep your hair off your face and neck when the weather is hot. Use our super seed oil on your scalp for this style to give shine and to prevent dryness

We at Nylah’s Naturals hope that this has provided some hair inspo for you.  Let us know what you think in the comments and feel free to send us some photos if you happen to try any of these styles out for yourselves.  Stay safe kings and queens. 

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