The Best Curly Hair Routine For Wash Day

The Best Curly Hair Routine For Wash Day

Living your best curl life means ‘lock’ing in your best curly hair routine on wash day! Luckily, at Nylah’s Naturals, we aren’t gatekeeping our essential wash day tips and tricks! We want to make sure all our curly girlies can enjoy bouncy, well-defined curls from 3A to 4C! 

From our simple shampoo steps to conditioning hacks, we have everything you need all in one blog! So, let’s dive into your best curly and coily hair routine for wash days…


Choosing Your Shampoo

For many people with lots of curls or coils, using shampoo can sometimes be worrying as you may be thinking it could dry your hair out. However, cleansing the hair is a must, as denying it a proper wash can lead to clogged follicles on the scalp, which can stunt new hair growth and even lead to infection. The best curly hair routine starts with choosing the right shampoo. 

If you have afro hair, you should opt for products specifically designed for you! This means this concoction of ingredients has been curated with the needs of your hair in mind. On wash day, ensure the shampoo is spread from scalp to the ends and, as you saturate the hair, massage the scalp to stimulate the follicles. 

Condition, Condition, Condition! 

The most prominent concern for our curly and coiled hair guys and gals is dryness. To counteract this, hydration is needed throughout each step of your wash day routine. This starts with using the right shampoo and continues when applying your conditioner. Our top tip for a better curly hair routine is to apply your conditioner and leave it in your hair whilst you do every other part of your shower routine, giving the product time to soften your curls. 

Conditioning shouldn’t stop when you get out of the shower, though. Once you have detangled and rinsed your hair, ensure to use a leave-in conditioning cream, spray, oil, or all of the above to leave your hair with lasting moisture, preventing frizz and leaving your lovely curls intact!

Detangle With Care

Once you have applied conditioner to the hair, whether this is a rine-out or a leave-in product, the next step of your curly hair routine is to detangle carefully with your fingers or a gentle comb. When your hair is wet, your cuticles open up, making the hair more fragile. Additionally, wet hair isn’t protected from the same natural oils as it is when it’s dry. So, being as gentle as you can with your hair will result in little or no damage.

Perfect Your Curly Hair Routine With Nylah’s 

At Nylah’s Naturals, our products are formulated with afro hair and curly hair at the forefront of our minds. They are vegan-friendly, natural, cruelty-free and suitable for all curl types! All of your wash day essentials can be found in our bundles or, if you’re looking to restock your curly hair routine favourite, check out our individuals. Our products are also perfect to incorporate into your child’s next wash day as they are safe and non-toxic! 

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